Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 23rd, 2014

SWIFT - CEDAPRIN TABLET BACKORDER: SFT166185 Cedaprin Tabs. Current estimated release date is Mid-July. AMD RITMED - DISCONTINUED:By the Vendor item #59700 Cervical Scrapers and item #3001A Calcium Alginate Swab with no suggested replacement. ANGIOTECH/SURGICAL SPECIALTIES - DISCONTINUED: By the Vendor, Item #GD-492N, Cosmetic Suture, with suggested replacement item #G492N. BAYER HEALTHCARE LLC - DISCONTINUED: By the Vendor,...
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June 12th, 2014

B BRAUN - TO BE DISCONTINUED: By the Vendor item #7210496 Protector Transducer; their stock is depleted. COVIDIEN/MEDICAL SUPPLIES - DISCONTINUED: Covidien has discontinued item 8881571123 Monoject Prefill IV Flush Syringe and 8884473800 Thermazene Cream. No suggested replacement for either. COVIDIEN/SURGICAL DEVICES - DISCONTINUED: Covidien has discontinued their Cardiac Pacing Lead, #8886258961. They recommend item 8886258963 as...
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June 1, 2014

Pediasure Sidekicks Discontinued: The purpose of this memo is to announce the discontinuation of PediaSure Sidekicks Institutional Wild Berry. Current inventory of Wild Berry Institutional will be discontinued and no longer be available as of June 1st. Going forward, the only PediaSure SideKicks Institutional product offered will be Fruit Punch. List # Item Description Status 62311 PediaSure SideKicks Institutional Wild Berry Discontinued 62309 PediaSure SideKicks...
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