HNC Virtual Solutions Creates Population Health Management Platform to Speed Up Healthcare Processes

SMS-Text Messaging and Email Alerts Allow for Real-Time
Clinical Interventions with High-Risk Patients

HNC Virtual Solutions has created a Population Health Management platform which utilizes modern technologies that speed up healthcare processes, reduce labor and other costs, and result in better outcomes.

Population Health Management is positively changing health outcomes in the population and is driven by data generated by the managed group. Traditionally, this was accomplished by reaching out to patients via telephone in order to identify higher risk patients among other issues and is typically a time and labor-intensive process. 

HNC accomplished this by creating a more efficient custom workflow specifically to:

  • Organize patients by risk factors automatically;
  • To make less expensive health options available to save where possible;
  • And by leveraging those options to help mitigate both sudden increases in patient assignment as well as existing identified high-risk patients.

HNC’s solution works by replacing the initial telephonic communication with SMS text-based outreach. It is used for not only appointment reminders, but also to identify members who would benefit from Remote Patient Monitoring and other services. The use of branching logic surveys to categorize and properly identify respective ideal members. 

In addition to text-based communication, HNC provides a mobile Consumer Application that enables the members to perform virtual general wellness visits, which reduces costly and sometimes unnecessary Urgent Care visits. It also opens up scheduling for physicians by performing shorter follow-up visits virtually.

“This built technology removes much of the burden and logistics involved with Population Health Management and modernizes the process of increasing positive outcomes,” said Julian Shaya, HNC Virtual Solutions executive vice president. “The application additionally allows for the patient to be proactive in their health by linking to their records and also permits more ways to communicate between the member and their doctor.”

When quality candidates are identified, they are then assigned case managers and are sent HNC Remote Patient Monitoring kits. The members self-administer vitals (diagnostics) tests daily, while their case managers are able to monitor their conditions remotely with the hard data being generated. The HNC platform sends text and email alerts to the case managers when the patients’ vitals start showing poor results. The alerts allow for real-time clinical interventions and taking a proactive approach to the highest-risk members in a patient population, which in turn results in less readmission costs.

Utilizing this HNC-enhanced platform setup, accountable care organizations and other Population Health Management organizations can make better-informed decisions. With enhanced data aggregation, implement superior preventative care by increasing communication, and improved consumption management, this technology is key to the future of heath care systems.

HNC Virtual Solutions is part of J & B Medical.

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