J & B Medical Now Offers Full Line of Adroit Surgical Products to the North American EMS Market

Adroit Surgical has just announced J & B Medical as a distribution partner offering the full line of their products to the North American EMS Market, including the new Vie Scope.

Adroit has developed a patented method for securing the difficult airway in emergency situations. The first two introductory products are changing the current standard of care, making intubation faster, safer, and less expensive. The products address a large void in airway management market. The Vie Scope® offers EMS providers the unique ability to handle all adult intubations using only one laryngoscope. The direct line of sight view for the user will lower patient complications as well as save time and money.

“We are looking forward to partnering with these premier EMS Distributors to offer Adroit Surgical’s product line to EMS professionals throughout North America," said Paul Hagen, Adroit Surgical chief operating officer. "The new distributor partners are well-known throughout the EMS market as key players who provide outstanding service, a consultative sales organization, and a deep history of outstanding relationships with their customer base. We look forward to a long-term relationship with these organizations for years to come."

Details regarding the products can be obtained by contacting J & B Medical or Adroit Surgical directly at 877-7ADROIT.

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