HNC Virtual Solutions Integrates Continuous Glucose Monitors into their Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Imagine being able to constantly monitor your blood sugar without daily testing or finger sticks. With the latest in continuous glucose monitors (CGM), patients with diabetes can receive a live feed of their current glucose readings directly to their smart device. This is great for self-monitoring, but when this technology is integrated as part of an all-encompassing health strategy, a CGM can do much more than help with blood sugar management. HNC Virtual Solutions (HNC) is making this a reality.

“HNC is on the forefront of telemedicine technology integration and remote chronic disease management,” said Dr. Fawzi Shaya, HNC Virtual Solutions CEO. “We accomplish this by integrating the newest and best-in-class medical devices into our Telehealth software platforms for an interconnected virtual patient experience.” 

The latest round of integration includes the most popular and easy-to-use CGMs on the market, and then links that continuous glucose data to our proprietary chronic illness case management platform.

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Market is expected to grow to $1.01 billion dollars by the year 2024. Currently, it’s estimated that 15% of people with diabetes, or roughly 187,000 people, in the United States use CGM to regulate insulin. Each CGM manufacturer connects their device with their own patient portal. If a case manager decides to switch their patient to a different CGM, the manager and patient will be forced to interact with a different portal and run the risk of not being able to access their previous CGM data as easily or at all, in some cases.  HNC’s innovation is not only introducing seamless data integration between CGMs but also creating a seamless experience for Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes.

“Not only do these additional data points allow for greater insight to the patient’s day-to-day routine, it can make use of predictive analysis and allow for real-time alerts when the patient’s blood sugar results read either too high or too low,” said Brian Bookmeier, HNC’s Vice President of Corporate Development. “With many people forgetting to perform some daily tests or skipping a meal, this technology is potentially life-saving and allows for greater independence for people with diabetes.”

With HNC’s glucose monitoring solution, a patient only needs to apply the CGM once every two weeks and then he or she can check current readings with a mobile phone or other sensor reading device. This leap in technology is groundbreaking for people with diabetes and also allows for remote, passive collection of the glucose data from patients. This expanded data history allows for a deeper insight than what was ever possible before from anything between case studies and just better day-to-day quality of life. Not only that, it allows for both the doctor and the patient to become more proactive in the patient’s health by allowing both to see the progression over time.

With HNC’s Remote Patient Monitoring platform incorporating the latest generation of wearables, patient adherence goes up due to convenience, which results in better patient outcomes.

For more information or to see this technology in action, please reach out to us to schedule a demonstration:

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