Monthly Archives: May 2019

HNC Virtual Solutions Supports Community Paramedicine Champions

Community Paramedicine is a growing field that focuses on providing medical care to patients outside a hospital or urgent care setting. Paramedics and EMTs are expertly trained to assess situations and assist patients whose emergency-call does not warrant a trip to the hospital and can be better served from where they are. HNC has a...
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TypeOneNation Summit Provides Key Diabetes Education

J & B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions attended the 12th annual JDRF TypeOneNation Summit. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the largest nonprofit funder for type 1 diabetes research, whose mission is to find a cure and support those living with diabetes. The TypeOneNation Summit was held in Belleville, Michigan, and is the...
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Back in the Workforce – Thanks to J & B Medical

Last September, J & B Medical’s partner company, the Bobby Dodd Institute, expanded its team to include Cynthia Coleman. She is a dedicated member of our staff who works in the assignment of benefits and medical billing department. Every day, Cynthia arrives with a positive attitude, ready to work and along with her is Hook,...
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