Back in the Workforce – Thanks to J & B Medical

Last September, J & B Medical’s partner company, the Bobby Dodd Institute, expanded its team to include Cynthia Coleman. She is a dedicated member of our staff who works in the assignment of benefits and medical billing department. Every day, Cynthia arrives with a positive attitude, ready to work and along with her is Hook, her guide dog. Cynthia has a visual impairment, and with the use of technology and Hook she leads a successful and fulfilling career. At the call center, the Bobby Dodd Institute provides her with a large computer monitor that enables her to work by zooming in on necessary details.

Having a disability in the workplace requires a special effort on both parties. BDI provided and continues to provide me with accommodations that have restored my confidence in the workplace. The contributions and the socialization of working again are priceless,” Cynthia said.

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed,” said Stephen Shaya, M.D., J & B Chief Medical Officer, quoting Woodrow Wilson.  “We are truly grateful for Cynthia’s service and dedication.”

J & B Medical is an equal opportunity employer and we have staff members from various backgrounds that make up the J & B family. It is important to us that our partner organizations share our values, and companies such as the Bobby Dodd Institute are instrumental in upholding our commitment to the community.  We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion, knowing that different beliefs, perspectives, and experiences is what makes us unique and provides us the tools to excel beyond our competition.  All our staff are essential to our success and keep the business flowing.

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