HNC Virtual Solutions Supports Community Paramedicine Champions

Community Paramedicine is a growing field that focuses on providing medical care to patients outside a hospital or urgent care setting. Paramedics and EMTs are expertly trained to assess situations and assist patients whose emergency-call does not warrant a trip to the hospital and can be better served from where they are. HNC has a strong working relationship with a champion of the CP field, Professor Lawrence Bennett. He facilitates a program with comprehensive courses that certify EMTs and firefighters in CP care.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the program helps to fill gaps in the healthcare system. Bennett was instrumental in the success of the pilot program and continues to oversee the expansion of the program. Each year, HNC sponsors an EMT or firefighter to go through Bennett’s course with the hope that students will eventually establish their own CP program.

The program is hosted through the University of Cincinnati’s College of Fire Science. Students are taught to provide medical care at reduced costs, whereby assisting patients on the spot minimizes unnecessary transports to the hospital. They are also trained to follow-up with patients who have been recently discharged. These services are essential to decreasing reducing emergency room overcrowding, hospital readmissions and lowering healthcare costs.

In October 2016, the first CP legislation was passed that allows paramedics and EMTs to provide medical care in non-emergency situations. Prior to the bill, paramedics were only allowed to treats patients being transported to a hospital. State Rep. Bill Seitz introduced the legislation.

We appreciate our connections with the key stakeholders in Ohio’s healthcare industry and will continue to support programs that strengthen the medical community through virtual care. To read more about the legislation and Bennett click here.

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