TypeOneNation Summit Provides Key Diabetes Education

J & B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions attended the 12th annual JDRF TypeOneNation Summit. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the largest nonprofit funder for type 1 diabetes research, whose mission is to find a cure and support those living with diabetes. The TypeOneNation Summit was held in Belleville, Michigan, and is the largest JDRF event in the nation.

The summit provided a comprehensive education for people with T1D, their care providers and the medical community. More than 1,400 parents and children with T1D attended the event, along with approximately 60 healthcare providers. J & B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions joined other major vendors including Dex, MDT, Tandem, Eversense and more.

Chris Black represented HNC Virtual Solutions and showcased our virtual health products including items that cater to those with T1D. Chris engaged with doctors, educators, other vendors, and customers. HNC Virtual Solutions also connected with other medical care organizations and discussed business opportunities that would expand our consumer model and remote patient monitoring services. Click here to learn more about JDRF.

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