About Us

Who We Are

J & B Medical was established in 1996 and since has become one of the fastest growing and most successful medical distribution companies in the world. J & B Medical, a family owned business, carries over 50 years of industry experience and has thrived by combining top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing on medical supplies. Our goal is simply to work closely with you, our valued customer, in an effort to reduce your medical supply costs and enhance your knowledge of cost effective purchasing. A partnership with J & B Medical is a partnership that works.

Our Mission

The mission of J & B Medical is to provide its customers with the widest variety of medically related products with the highest level of quality and customer service at the most economical prices. Our mission always takes precedence over margins.




JandBMedical.com is a proud member of the J&B Medical Supply Family!

J&B Medical Supply has a division for you

Visit www.jandbmedicalinsurance.com for all insurance-related needs including diabetes, incontinence, and urological supplies

Visit www.diabeticskinandhealth.com for all other cash-pay needs including diabetic foot care and support products

Visit www.vetsupplysource.com for a one-stop shop for animal lover and pet owners everywhere

Visit www.jandbportal.com for currently enrolled J&B Medical Insurance customers and to manage your account