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J&B Medical is proud to announce our sister company, J&B Pharmacy Services. 

J&B Pharmacy services is now open and able to assist you with any of your prescription medication and pharmacy needs!

If you would like to inquire about receiving your prescription medications or pharmacy supplies from J&B Medical Pharmacy Services, click HERE: Pharmacy Account Creation – J&B Pharmacy Services to register now!

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Putting Care
into Healthcare

J&B Medical’s passionate team members provide exceptional service at every interaction.

Forging new pathways into the future of healthcare

More than a family-owned business, we are a family of businesses that span across all aspects of medical-related care. Our goal is simple: enhance the quality of life, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

We Supply the Very Best Healthcare Supplies

Since our inception in 1996, J&B Medical has become a recognized market leader in healthcare. Our products and services span across all aspects of medical-related care including: sole source program management, national managed care contracts, technology solutions, as well as insurance-covered, emergency-medical, retail  home-care and veterinary products.

Our Goal Is Simple:

We settle for nothing less than the highest level of integrity and most innovative industry practices.

Our staff is comprised of passionate team members, motivated to provide exceptional service at every interaction.

We offer the very best products, services and technologies available.