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Insurance Covered Supplies

We are here to help you get the very best products

J&B Medical offers an extensive assortment of medically necessary supplies to improve the quality of life for our members. From our selection of breast pumps to a full range of support products for diabetes management, incontinence, and much more, we have the supplies to meet your needs. Our dedicated team members will work with health plans and providers to assist members in obtaining these life-enhancing supplies.


Insurance Covered Supplies:


How to Create an Account with J&B Medical

At J&B Medical, we strive to provide our customers with the widest variety of high-quality medical supplies at the lowest possible costs. We understand that the guidelines set by your health plan can be difficult to navigate and we’re here to make the process as simple as possible. Along with excellent customer service, J&B Medical ensures consistent compliance with all State, Federal, and health plan guidelines and regulations. To create an account, follow our steps below!

Create An Account > Health Plan Requirements > Your Order


Complete our online form

  • To create a new account, complete our online intake here, or call us at (800)-737-0045
  • Once your account is established, visit us at Our Portal to complete your Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form which authorizes J&B Medical to submit claims to your health plan on your behalf.
  • Our product specialists and nurses are happy to assist you with finding the products that will meet your medical needs and that are covered by your health plan.

Health Plan Requirements

  • We will request a prescription from your ordering prescriber that meets the requirements of your health plan.
  • Medical records or chart notes may be required from your prescriber to verify the medical necessity. Medical records may include visit notations, chart notations, education, logs, lab tests, medical history and more.
  • If your health plan requires an authorization for your supplies we will submit the request on your behalf when possible.

Your Order

  • At J&B Medical, we do our best to provide you with an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles and coinsurance) which are necessary to be paid before your order ships.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are ultimately determined and applied by your health plan.
  • Payments can be made online through Our Portal, by phone, and auto payment options are available.
  • To refill your supply order, your health plan is likely to require that you confirm the need for your supplies. You can do this by responding to our automated reorder system via phone, text or by visiting Our Portal.