Blue Care Network

J&B is proud to be your Blue Care Network and Medicare Plus Blue Diabetic Supplier!

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Steps To Receive Supplies

Step 1: Intake & Product Selection
Complete our Intake and Product Selection online to provide us with your demographic, (name, address, etc), insurance (coverage, coinsurance, deductible, etc), and product information.
If you need assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the products that are right for you based on your physician order.

Step 2: Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Form
Your signature is required on our Assignment of Benefits Form (AOB) to acknowledge receipt of DMEPOS Supplier Standards, Patient Rights & Responsivities, Notice of Privacy Practices as well as approval to bill your insurance for your supplies.
Review these documents and return (Mail, Fax, Email, Upload, etc) the signed and dated AOB to us as soon as possible or complete an electronic version on our member portal.

Step 3: Prescription
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network and Medicare require that we have a prescription on file containing the following information: Name, date of birth, Supplies being ordered, Insulin Treatment, Testing Times, Diagnosis, Physician’s name, Physician’s Signature, Physician’s Signature Date.
We can send your physician a request for this information.
Other supplies may require additional information.

Step 4: Authorization
Blue Care Network may require that your supplies to authorized based on the supply, quantity, diagnosis, etc. Once we receive the prescription from your physician we will attempt to obtain any additional information that may be required and send the request directly for review.
Advantage Plans: Medicare guidelines and criteria must be met to qualify for supplies.

Step 5: Payment
Based on your insurance plan, payment of your coinsurance and/or deductible may be required before your order ships.
For your convenience you can opt to store your payment information to your account, make payments within the member portal, provide payment information to us on your date of service or mail in a check.

Step 6: Shipment
Once the above steps are completed we can ship your order by FedEx.
A signature is required for shipments containing new Insulin Pumps.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, and Medicare require that you to confirm the need for supplies before your order ships.
This can be done 14 days prior to your next date of service by phone, text, member portal, Android or IOS app or by our automated system (Victor).

*The above process is subject to change based on conditions specific to your account (type of supplies, insurance, etc.)

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Important Information

J&B Medical Supply is happy to provide you with your Diabetic Testing Supplies, Syringes, Pen Needle Tips, Ketone Strips, Insulin Pumps and Supplies and Continued Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Supplies.

*Supplies serviced are based on your plan, physician order, medical necessity and qualifications.

Your insurance requires that you confirm your order before it is shipped. Contact us through the Account Portal or by calling 1-800-737-0045 ext. 115. Our automated phone system may also contact you. When you receive your supplies, check all boxes immediately to see that your order is correct. You must notify us within 10 days if there are issues with your order, so we can make corrections.

Account Security
We pay close attention to the security of your account. We never share information about you with anyone who can't provide the correct information. Please make sure that you or your caregiver have your insurance identification number(s), date of birth or Social Security number available when calling us. We cannot access your account without this information.

Account Changes
It's important that you contact us at least 10 days before your next shipment due date if there are any changes associated with your account or order information. Failure to do so may result in a delay of supplies and a discrepancy in your account balance.

Medicare Advantage Members
These plans follows Medicare guidelines.  Insulin treated members are allowed to test three times per day.  Non-Insulin treated members are allowed to test one time per day. Testing times greater than these amounts will require additional documentation from your physician.  Medicare guidelines and criteria must be met to qualify for all supplies such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Insulin Pumps & Supplies.

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