Other States Medicaid Diaper and Incontinence Supplies Programs

MI-MCDJ&B Medical Supply is proud to be an Incontinence Supply provider for many State Medicaid Plans across the nation!


J&B Medical Supply provides incontinence supplies in many states.

We help customers decide which supplies they need. You will be given samples to choose from, and we will work with your doctor to get your prescription and other forms.

J&B Medical Supply offers a choice of products to fit every need. Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you quickly. We offer:

  • Our Account Portal
  • Mobile Apps
  • Automated Phone System
  • Text Messaging

Our friendly staff is only a phone call away!
(800) 737-0045 8:00am - 6:00pm EST Mon-Fri

We also have a call-back feature! If the lines are busy you can get a call back when an agent is available, without losing your place in line!



  • Program covers a full line of products.
    Click HERE for product information
  • J&B Medical Supply works with many of the Medicaid Managed Care Plans
  • The process to start includes:
    1 - Filling out a Medicaid Coverage Inquiry Form HERE
    2 - Speak with an agent to set up an account
    3 - Speak with an agent about your product choices
    4 - Choose from samples that will be shipped to you free of charge
    5 - We will get a prescription from your doctor
    6 - Sign an insurance form

    Once these items are done, we can ship your supplies!


  • Tell us if your insurance changes
  • Tell us if you change you doctor
  • Tell us if any changes are needed at least FIVE days before your order ships
  • Tell us of any address changes at least FIVE days before your order ships
  • Check ALL of your supplies AS SOON as you get them