Dexcom G4

System Includes:
Item: DEXSTK-DR-001
HCPCs: A9278

Item: DEXSTT-GL-003
HCPCs: A9277

1 Each
7 day wear
Item: DEXSTS-GL-041G4
HCPCs: A9276

Receiver Description:

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
  • Features BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) wireless communication
  • Share™: Share Information with Up to 5 Other People
  • 2-2/5 oz Weight, 7-Day Wear
  • 20 ft. Transmission Range

Transmitter Description:

  • 3-4/5cm L x 2-2/7cm W x 1-2/7cm H, 10g Weight
  • 2 2/5GHz Frequency, 6m Data Frequency Range
  • Wireless
  • Water-resistant
  • 6 Month Warranty

Sensor Description:

  • Worn up to 7 days
  • Monitors interstitial glucose levels

Important Safety Information:

Prescription Required
Insurance may require clinical documentation and authorization

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