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Insurance Covered Supplies

We are here to help you get the very best products

J&B Medical offers an extensive assortment of medically necessary supplies to improve the quality of life for our members. From our selection of breast pumps to a full range of support products for diabetes management, incontinence, and much more, we have the supplies to meet your needs. Our dedicated team members will work with health plans and providers to assist members in obtaining these life-enhancing supplies.


Order Confirmation:

Your health plan requires that you advise J&B Medical of your continuing need for supplies. J&B Medical offers multiple ways to obtain this information. One of our automated systems will make three (3) outreach attempts seven (7) days before
your order is due to ship.

Outbound IVR Calls: You will receive a call from, Julie, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System. Julie will confirm that your information is up to date and which items you need to ship. Answering all of Julie’s questions will help to ensure your order ships without delay.

Text: You will receive a Text reminder seven (7) days before your order is due to ship. Responding to this message string will help to ensure your order ships without delay.

Portal: You will receive an email reminder seven (7) days before your order is due to ship. When this is received, log into your J&B Member Portal and complete your order confirmation.

Give us a call: Call us during normal business hours to speak to a live representative to confirm your need for supplies. Call volumes listed in the graph below are in EST.


Prescription has expired:

If your prescription has expired, J&B Medical will make three attempts to obtain a renewal from your provider. If we do not receive a completed response, your order may be placed on hold. Please contact your physician/ordering provider and request they complete and return J&B Medical’s request. If they have not received our request we will be happy to resend it.


Prescription is incomplete:

Your health plan has specific requirements for your prescription. These may include specific demographics such as date of birth and health plan ID. They may also include very specific clinical information such as primary diagnosis, secondary diagnosis, frequency of use, etc. Please ensure your provider completes all questions on J&B Medical’s form before returning.


We have not received copies of your medical record:

Your health plan requires a recent visit with your health care provider to continue receiving the supplies J&B Medical is providing. Your health plan also requires that J&B Medical receive a copy of the medical records from that recent visit to ensure compliance with your prescribed medical treatment and need for the supplies. Please have your physician/ordering provider ensure there is documentation of your continued need for supplies and send the documents to J&B Medical.


(800) 737-0045
8:00am – 6:00pm EST M-F




Members (Patients)

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.
We currently have a:

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Based on successful shipments and orders placed.

Best time to call:

To better serve your needs, please use the chart below to plan the best time to call. (Call volumes listed are in EST):


Time Graph


Insurance Specific Contact Information: