J&B Medical Fulfills a Family’s Breaking & Entering Christmas Wish

Mary and Fawzi Shaya instilled a sense of community in J&B Medical. They continuously demonstrate this kindness in their actions, such as through this holiday season's recent donation.

iHeartRadio's Mojo In The Morning Show on Channel 95.5 in Detroit partnered with J&B Medical to provide much needed medical supplies for free to a local family, for this holiday season's first granted Breaking & Entering Christmas Wish.

The family chosen is led by Autumn, who is a superhero mom and military veteran. She is a single mother with no help, working a full-time job in addition to being her daughter Savannah's caregiver. Savannah is battling cystic fibrosis and was born missing an X chromosome, but is always upbeat and smiling. Additionally, Autumn takes care of another daughter - Cheyenne.

J&B Medical's team is proud to have helped this wonderful family through this time of giving.

Watch the family receive their gifts here.

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