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J&B Medical Receives Healthcare Value for Supplier Diversity Award from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

J&B Medical was selected as the honoree for the “Healthcare Value Supplier Diversity Award” at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s 13th Annual Michigan Supplier Diversity Achievement Awards on Tuesday, March 6.

We were honored to be a part of the event which celebrated strong partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses. The Healthcare Value Supplier Diversity Award is presented to “a diverse supplier who demonstrates excellent customer loyalty through the delivery of quality healthcare products and services.”

Mary Shaya, our President and CEO, was proud to receive the award, saying:

“To say we’re honored to receive this incredibly prestigious award is an understatement. We’re proud to be a woman-owned and family-operated business, and it’s an honor to receive such a distinction in a room full of inspiring companies. We’re driven to have profound positive impact we have on our customer’s lives, which is why we actively seek innovative ways to provide quality healthcare solutions.”

Kevin Klobucar, executive vice president of Health Care Value at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, added:

“J&B Medical exemplifies this award with their committed work every day. Mary Shaya and her team demonstrate an unwavering commitment to customers and communities and we’re proud to work alongside them as a partner as they continue to improve the healthcare landscape.”

As part of its diversity spend initiatives, J&B Medical works with a minority-based staffing agency in Michigan, Entech Staffing Solutions, and utilizes the services of a woman-owned entity in South Bend, Ind., Dynamic Synergy Inc., to support its documentation requirements. J&B has also partnered with the Bobby Dodd Institute in Atlanta, Ga., to employ more than 57 military disabled veterans to support its call center activities.