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Four Questions to Ask When Choosing An Insulin Pump

Insulin Pump

Whether you’re new to diabetes or just learning to manage it for the first time, you’ve probably learned that there can be a long list of supplies available to help you and insulin pumps are one of the key pieces of equipment you’ll need. Diabetes care is a strong focus area for us here at J&B Medical, and we get asked a lot of questions about insulin pumps from our members. If you are in the market for an insulin pump, here are the top four questions to ask about them:


1. What is the latest technology related to insulin pumps and diabetes management?

Many people are used to having a method for monitoring their glucose and an insulin pump to make necessary adjustments, but there has always been some level of manual user input to complete the process. The latest advancement integrates everything into a closed-loop system. Now a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system monitors glucose levels in real-time, communicates those readings to an insulin pump which uses an algorithm to calculate and administer the appropriate basal or bolus insulin adjustments. The entire system is automated and with input from the user minimized other than customizable settings to align the system with individual needs and preferences.


2. What insulin pumps are covered by my insurance?

Insurance plans can vary significantly, so the best place to start is with your insurance carrier to understand your options and out-of-pocket costs.


3. What are my options if insulin pumps are not covered by my insurance? Is there a way to access the top brands in diabetes management supplies?

If your insurance does not cover your insulin pump, there are options to purchase them from an online medical supply retailer like J&B At Home. Purchasing directly through manufacturers may also be an option. Some manufacturers and diabetes clinics offer patient assistance programs to help individuals in need.


4. Which insulin pump is right for me?

To determine which insulin pump is the best for you, it’s important to have a discussion with your doctor about your lifestyle and needs so they can prescribe a model that will be the best fit for you. Some topics to discuss might be ease of use, cost, pump features as well as any specific needs related to your management plan.