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March & April 2024: Our Community Engagement Highlights

J&B Medical has a strong connection and commitment to community engagement.

We believe in coming together to make a difference.

Here’s a glimpse of the community events we’ve had the privilege of supporting in March and April.



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April 20, 2024

Friends’ Ball, presented by HOUR Detroit

We’re proud to have supported the Friends’ Ball, presented by HOUR Detroit, held on at the Suburban Collection Showplace. The event not only celebrated friendship and community but also contributed to a vital cause—Women’s Heart Health at Ascension Providence Hospital and Outpatient Clinics. Proceeds from the 2024 Friends’ Ball are directed towards Ascension Providence Hospital’s efforts in caring for women with cardiovascular disease and those at risk. Heart disease stands as the leading cause of death among American women, surpassing the combined toll of various cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer. Through Ascension Providence Hospital’s medical treatments and research, advanced diagnostics and treatment therapies are made accessible to all women in our communities, irrespective of their financial circumstances. By empowering women to prioritize their cardiovascular health, we aim to drive down the mortality rate associated with heart disease.

To learn more, please visit: www.healthcare.ascension.org



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Karmanos Zana

March 7, 2024

Cancer Genetics: Supporting Genetic Counseling at Karmanos

We’re glad to have been part of supporting the Cancer Genetics: Supporting Genetic Counseling event at Karmanos, Zana in Birmingham, MI. It was a meaningful opportunity to contribute alongside experts and advocates in the field of cancer genetics.

To learn more, please visit: www.karmanos.org