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J&B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions Add Sylaps Inc. to Their Family of Companies

J&B Medical announced majority ownership of the Sylaps Inc. platform. Sylaps is a free video conferencing service web app that provides video or audio calls, chat, and file sharing between individuals or groups.

Sylaps is available on every major browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera), platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux), and specific embedded platforms, including augmented reality. Established in June of 2015, Sylaps became an international company based in the United States and France. The company provides integration services and consulting for small and large businesses looking to integrate data, audio, and video real-time streaming conferencing technologies into their products.  The platform’s main clients are in the medical, education, and e-commerce industries. Sylaps offers video conferencing solutions for many applications including helpdesk and support services, sales, medical devices, and more.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to own and manage Sylaps, as it is a powerful, high-quality product that takes virtual collaboration to the next level,” said Dr. Fawzi Shaya, J&B Medical founder. “No phone number is needed for users to communicate cross-platform to make a call or send a message.

“This platform is a game-changer in workplaces,” Stephen Shaya, M.D., said. “We are all going to be in a connected health environment moving forward.   By having our own robust video capabilities, this will help to accelerate our new and innovative strategies to engage our patients, providers, and payers.”

“The board is pleased to work alongside J&B Medical’s team and for the transition of their majority stake in Sylaps,” said Harold Thetiot, Sylaps chief technical officer. “As the platform serves a great deal of medical and healthcare clients, we are excited to see how they can integrate their expertise and existing digital software in order to make Sylaps more robust in our primary industries.”

J&B Medical is a family-owned and privately-held national women-certified global data and health care solutions company that was founded in 1996 by Dr. Fawzi and Mary Shaya. Our 16 different business enterprises run the gamut from medical distribution (from 953 manufacturers to customers in 48 states and 28 countries) to specialty distribution like veterinary and emergency medical supplies to one of the largest providers of consumable medical products to patient’s homes in the United States. Our programs have been nationally and internationally recognized for improving clinical outcomes and quality and providing significant cost savings. In addition, HNC, our telemedicine company, is providing care virtually to millions of patients globally. J&B is a platform of purpose and possibilities.