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Women of Achievement – Laura Rosen

Laura Rosen

What/who has been inspirational for you personally or professionally?

My parents have been a constant source of inspiration for me, instilling in me the values of positivity, integrity, and wisdom. Their emphasis on staying true to oneself and their unwavering integrity and honesty has guided me throughout my life.

Professionally, my entire HNC team inspires me! We support each other as a team by enabling each other’s full potential to grow and succeed. I’m grateful to have such an amazing group of people by my side as we navigate our way to success.


What has been your best accomplishment or the proudest moment throughout your career?

The proudest moments in my career in sales have always been when I’ve been able to build strong, trusting relationships with my clients and help them achieve their business objectives. Seeing their satisfaction with the outcome was incredibly gratifying and remains one of my proudest moments.


What is a mistake that you made professionally and how did you overcome it and/or learn from it?

Early in my sales career, I learned the importance of listening to my customers and asking open-ended questions to understand their needs. By doing this, I could build stronger relationships, tailor my sales approach, and achieve more successful sales.


As a busy professional, how do you take care of yourself and maintain good mental health?

As a busy professional, I prioritize my mental health by maintaining a healthy work-life balance and spending quality time with my family. Doing things, I enjoy allows me to recharge and focus!


What advice would you have given yourself ten years ago?

Ten years ago, I would tell myself to keep learning and trying new things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.