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Women of Achievement Spotlight – Alecia Bezselich

Spotlight Alecia Bezselich

What/who has been inspirational for you personally or professionally?

There have been two people who have been inspirational professionally, Susan Issa and Nancy Maes-Beedle. They are a wealth of knowledge that I’ve been trying to absorb over the last seven years at J&B Medical. They basically took me under their wings and showed me the ropes of the working world and at J&B Medical. As long as I was willing to learn, they’ve been willing to teach. I hope to mentor a new-to-the-working-world employee as they have done for me one day.


What has been your best accomplishment or the proudest moment throughout your career?

My latest promotion really took the cake for the proudest work moment. I started at J&B Medical in a clerical position and have done every non-management position in the billing department. This position really shows me the big picture of J&B Medical and how all the knowledge I’ve gained from other positions work together.


What mistake did you make professionally, and how did you overcome it and learn from it?

When I started at J&B Medical, I was only 19 years old and VERY unprepared for the working world. I did HORRIBLY my first 90 days here, but luckily management realized this was my first “big girl” job & gave me more guidance/training/instructions. I was able to get my stuff together & by my sixth month, I was up and running on my own! It was finally drilled into my head that asking for help and clarification is encouraged.


As a busy professional, how do you take care of yourself and maintain good mental health?

On the weekends, I volunteer at the Humane Society near me. I recently “leveled up” as a volunteer at Cat Comforting, so I spend my day playing with the cats at the shelter on Saturdays. I comfort them, and they comfort me. It’s a win-win!


What advice would you have given yourself ten years ago?

Ten years ago, I was in high school applying to college. I’d say to skip university & start at community college. The “college experience” was not worth the price tag. But, at least I got my degree in the end.