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Women of Achievement Spotlight – Cathy Kennedy

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What/who has been inspirational for you personally or professionally?

Becoming a born-again Christian at the beginning of 2017, paired with the belief no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. A quote received this past January at the leadership training summed up my thoughts and motivation into a nice quick statement. This is my mental reminder both professionally with team members and customer members and personally when helping friends and family.


What has been your best accomplishment or the proudest moment throughout your career?

Being promoted into leadership as Team Support when moving up wasn’t directly on my immediate focus and having so many teammates respond with either “finally” or “well deserved”.


What mistake did you make professionally, and how did you overcome it and learn from it?

One big mistake and any other smaller ones were always overcome with fantastic support from direct leadership for forwarding movement. i.e., next time, do this, or you may not know this is a process. However, it is, and I know you will follow it forward. My biggest mistake professionally was being intimidated and not believing in myself enough to stand up to something I didn’t know was specifically wrong yet didn’t feel right either. I now ask more questions and have great leaders who are always willing to answer questions.


As a busy professional, how do you take care of yourself and maintain good mental health?

This is one of my biggest struggles especially working remote. Remember to move and get fresh air, disconnecting from all electronics for a while. Getting a kitten last year has definitely taught me to play again and not take life so seriously all of the time.


What advice would you have given yourself ten years ago?

Believe in yourself, see the blessing you are to the world and not think of yourself as a burden.