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PHONE EXTENSION UPDATE: As of November 2020, all phone extensions at J&B Medical have been updated with a 2 at the beginning of every extension number. Ex: 000 is now 2000.

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Mary Shaya Recognized by Corp! Magazine for “Michigan’s Most Valuable Professional Award.”

J&B Medical’s President and CEO Mary Shaya was awarded Corp! Magazine’s “Michigan’s Most Valuable Professional Award.”  Service to the community has always been a cornerstone for Mary Shaya and the entirety of J&B Medical. Our long-term dedication to finding solutions for our customers drives us to deliver top-quality products and service.

Our Executive Servant Leader, Stephen Shaya M.D., was on hand to accept the award on Mary’s behalf, saying:

“I was incredibly honored to accept Corp! Magazine’s Michigan’s Most Valuable Professional Award today. I don’t know anyone more committed to service or Michigan than my mother. She constantly propels us forward with innovative ideas and solutions to not only expand our business, but also to help our community grow. There couldn’t be a more deserving recipient for this prestigious award.”

Corp! Magazine’s Michigan’s Most Valuable Professional Award is given to only the most deserving individuals that serve their communities, demonstrate strong leadership skills in growing and managing a successful business, become experts in their industry, and consistently deliver excellent results. We couldn’t be more proud!